Welcome to the Fyte Food revolution!

Know that your body is getting what it needs with one of our dietician lead meals. We are as passionate about nutrition as we are about flavour and our meals are carefully thought out to pack flavour and fibre in equal volume!


Our Vision

We aim to help reconnect people with proper balanced meals, the current trend for ‘American Diner’ style eating isn’t sustainable and with an arc towards the opposite extreme we want to try and bridge the gap. Our food isn’t exclusive to gym heads or health food fanatics but open to everyone who wants to know exactly what they’re eating!

How It Works



First of all we come up with an awesome recipe by taking inspiration from whats ‘hot’ right now and turn it into our own healthy version.



Then we give it to our consultant dietician so she can make sure that everything is spot on in terms of the nutritional value of the meal.



It then goes to the kitchen for testing and tweaking to make sure it packs a real punch and is as flavourful as possible!



Finally it gets a spot on the menu where our chefs will cook it fresh to order before it gets sent out for delivery!

Fyte Food Beliefs

A healthy diet affects every part of your life, makes you stronger and more capable mentally

We want everyone to love healthy food as much as we do.

We believe every generation should be healthier than the last, our kids should have a broader palette than us.

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